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Not sure where to start with lactation education? Start here!

​This class is great for enhancing your understanding of the basics of lactation and breast/chestfeeding.

Learn about feeding positions, how to get a good start, what an effective latch looks like and more.

Lactation 101 Course Overview:

A 40-minute video is provided to you, along with handouts for your reference.

Topics covered include:

Anatomy & physiology

The benefits & nutrition basics

Supplies & preparation

Basics of breast/chestfeeding

Newborn cues

Feeding positions

Newborn latch


Milk storage

Resources & affirmations

Proactive, Not Reactive

So many lactation specialists hear from lactating parents while they are in the thick of it. Taking this class ahead of time helps you to be proactive with your learning, rather than being forced to be in a reactive state.

Start Strong

Feeling confident about the signs of a good latch, knowing your newborn's hunger cues and everything else we go over will give you a strong foundation with which you can begin.

Planning Ahead

Knowing the basics of nursing is one thing but what about when you might want to introduce a breast pump? We review a few of the basics of this too!

Lactation 101 Course Curriculum

  Lactation 101 Course
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