Our classes are unique, trauma-informed, evidence-based, inclusive and unique from others. Hand-crafted by an experienced doula and educator, our courses are specially designed for the modern parent, one who wants straightforward, compassionate and organized information to feel whole & ready.

You deserve to feel empowered and prepared for the journey you are on. We help you build your toolbox to do exactly that.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Conception Meditation

First Trimester Roadmap

Second Trimester Roadmap

Preparing for Birth Checklist


Holistic Preparation for Birth
Guide to Waterbirth
Birth Plan Worksheet
Cesarean Birth Plan Worksheet
Cheat Sheet for Birth Partners
Comfort Techniques

Parenting & Lactation

Lactation 101
Baby Registry 101

Meet the Founder

"Hi there, my name is Allison! ​I am the founder of Holistic Birth & Beyond. I am a birth & postpartum doula, childbirth & lactation educator, placenta specialist and birth story mentor.

Personally, I love to go beyond the conversations of baby gadgets and pregnancy glow to reveal the inner thoughts, conflicts, hopes and instincts that are below the surface.

Teaching about childbirth, lactation, newborns, parenthood and beyond is very important to me!

When I'm not at a birth or meeting with clients & colleagues, you can find me spending time with my family, friends and houseplants."